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Pepper's Spicy Boutique in Ellisville

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Shop online, pick it up at the boutique.  You'll always get some extra goodies when you come to pick up you fun stuff!

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We have 1000's of products with fast, economical shipping.  Always discrete!

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Our Location Changed not the Pepper’s Parties Customer Service and Experience.

In September, our building in Hattiesburg was sold and we were given a 30-day vacate notice.  With so little time, we've moved back to Ellisville to make our business transition.

While we may not be in Hattiesburg, when you come to Ellisville you still get the invaluable information and uplifting experience.

The Ellisville branch is brimming with exclusive offers and a diverse range of products just waiting to be explored!

Click here for a map to Pepper's Spicy Boutique in Ellisville!

🙏 Gratitude for Your Support

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support during this transitional phase. Your loyalty as a valued member of the Pepper's Parties community is what keeps us motivated to deliver an exceptional customer experience, as always.


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